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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 6:00, prepare for the coldest night we have seen so far this winter. first, though, breaking news alert. five people are hurt during a dog attack, including five dogs. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. this happened inside a sanford apartment. we sent news 6 reporter shaun chaiyabhat to the apartment on stonebrook drive. what are you learning about this attack? >> you mentioned all of those injuries. we have also learned that one of those injuries is life-threatening. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see the crime scene investigators are still here on the scene. the attack happened inside one of the upstairs apartments here at stonebrook. sanford police say around 3:00, they got a call from a woman screaming, saying dogs were attacking them. the first officer who got to the
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possibly pit bulls, all on top of one woman. that woman suffered some very serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital. the officer shot the dogs, killing four of the five. now, four other people were also hurt, including two children, but again the most serious injury could be life-threatening. neighbors say large dogs here are not even supposed to be here. >> oh, wow. >> have you ever seen pit bulls in the area? >> no. pit bulls are not supposed to be allowed in here. >> in this apartment complex? >> right. there's no dogs over 60 pounds, pit bulls, german shepherds, a whole list of dogs. >> now, at this point, we do not know how this began or whether apartment. of course, we're going to stay on top of this as well trying to find out that woman's condition. back to you. >> shaun chaiyabhat reporting live in sanford.
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>> now to the big story affecting everyone tonight. the cold weather. >> a lot of central florida tonight. let's go ahead and take a live look over downtown orlando. it's looking gorgeous out there. >> purple haze out there. >> i know! orange county is not under a freeze alert right now, but if you're heading outside, you will certainly want your jacket, gloves, maybe even a hat an earmuffs. it's downright cold out there. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the chilly temperatures for us. how low will it go tonight? >> seriously, you wear earmuffs? >> i would if i were going out tonight. >> take a look at what's going on. orange county does not have a seminole. does. all of lake county, from the villages to eustis, everyone, clermont, everyone under the freeze warning. ocala definitely, marion county and sumpter county under the freeze warning now until about 8:00 tomorrow morning.
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3, up to 4 hours below freezing in some of those spots. 48 degrees right now in gainesville. wind is from the north at 8 miles per hour in orlando. the on-the-town forecast for tonight, we're going to slide through the 40's down to 42 by 11 p.m. and here are the overnight lows. 37 will do it in sanford. 38 in orlando. 29 in ocala. and 32 in the villages. i'll be right back to talk about how low we go tonight and how long we stay there and the warm-up tomorrow and look down the road to some rain. >> all right, tom. thank you. tonight news 6 is pinpointing weather down to street level with meteorologist candace campos who has been traveling all over central florida today making stops in ocoee, apopka, clermont and right now she's in marion county, checking out the cold weather in ocala. let's get to her now live. how does it feel out there right now? i imagine it's getting worse as the sun is going down. >> like you were saying, the
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earmuffs, i was thinking about doing the earmuffs, i do have my handy dandy hand warmers. it's getting really cold up here. we're in downtown ocala, pinpointing your weather forecast down to the street level. we've been traveling all day, ocoee to ocala. it looks like the temperatures are going to plummet as the sun continues to lower. let's look here at your forecast for tonight. again, overnight lows are going to continue to quickly drop into the low 30's, even to the upper 20's. check out your morning wake-up temperature. by 8 a.m., as you get the kids ready for school and you're out the door for work, 30 degrees freeze warning in effect that tom has just been talking about. look how quickly we warm up, up to 30 degrees higher. by 4 p.m., up to 62 degrees. again, that freeze warning will be in effect until 9 a.m. tomorrow. make sure to bring in the pets and the sensitive plants throughout the overnight,
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county. >> candace campos, stay warm out there tonight. you can keep track of the weather in your neighborhood. just download our free pinpoint weather app by searching wkmg in your app store. >> new developments tonight killed by orlando police. >> we're told the man was holding an air soft gun when officers opened fire. the 28-year-old eric provost died at the hospital after the shooting at courtney landing condos. it happened last night. news 6 reporter troy campbell afternoon. was necessary? >> well, the police chief says his officers believed that air soft gun to be the real deal. they say the officers asked him to put the gun down several times, saying he refused. the police chief is also saying how the two officers involved are doing today. >> i want my officers to go home at the end of the day and in this case they did. >> orlando police chief john
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provost left his condo, walking outside with what the chief called a simulated firearm or bb gun. knowing police were on their way. after provost's father called 911 saying something was odd about his son's behavior. officers say provost refused to put down his weapon. orlando police shooting and killing him outside his home at the courtney landing condos. >> i'm sure you have seen the simulated firearms before. they look real. and impossible for our officers to determine that. put their own lives at risk and put the lives of other citizens at risk. >> the two officers involved on leave, pending an investigation by the florida department of law enforcement. officer sonya saunders, a five-year veteran of the department and cruz on the force for four years. >> i talked to them today around 1:00. as expected, they're both very concerned and just want to get back to work. they want to get through the process of everything.
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were unaware of provost's january 8th arrest for allegedly stealing $88,000 out of this bank of america a.t.m. off east colonial. investigators are saying it's unknown how many times the officers fired their weapons but provost did not fire back. >> the whole process is a difficult thing for an officer to go through. i've been through that myself many years ago. no officer ever wants to go through something like that. >> we've also asked police if either of the officers involved were wearing a body camera. police tell us they're still unsure if body camera footage was obtained. we've asked for the 911 call that provost's father placed in to dispatchers. we're told that will not be released because the investigation is ongoing. >> troy, thank you. >> tonight we're following a crime tracker alert. deputies need help tracking down a gunman who they say shot and killed a man inside an orlando home. orange county deputies came out to the home on 19th street near
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this morning. neighbors called for help, reporting they heard gunshots. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers from investigators and neighbors tonight. you found out the people there are really nervous tonight. >> that's exactly right, lisa. the sun is setting on this house. this is the house where that body was found dead earlier today. and neighbors tell us as it gets darker, they're getting more and more worried that something else may have happened here, maybe a retaliation shooting. so they're very afraid to come forward with any information they have. investigators tell us silence is not helping find this killer. >> sky 6 flew over the scene of this shooting soon after orange county sheriff's deputies arrived. >> the neighbors started calling 911 and heard shots fired. >> inside the house, investigators say they found the body of a black male in his late 20's or early 30's. he'd been shot and neighbors say they saw a brand-new white buick speeding away from here. the driver wearing all black and
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>> it's painful. that's why i came. >> mary jones says she knows the man who was shot and killed and raced over to comfort his mother. she says it brings back memories of when her own two sons were shot in the same neighborhood. their killers were never caught. >> do you think the neighborhood is going to help catch these guys? >> i don't think so. >> why not? because they're not talking. i don't think so. >> we talked to somebody and they said they're very concerned that neighbors are not going to come forward and help. out of fear of retaliation. >> and our detectives are concerned about that. they've heard the same thing. all we can say is the crime line is anonymous. >> now, again, orange county sheriff's deputies say this be on the lookout alert that they everybody. they need the public's help in tracking down this gunman. again, he is described as driving a brand-new white buick. he was wearing all black this morning when this happened. he was also wearing a cap with a
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if you have any information to share with sheriff's deputies, give them a call immediately. >> we're live in orange county tonight. >> thank you, eric. orange county deputies are also investigating another shooting. this one happened on north pine hills road at a gas station. afternoon. we're told one person was shot but they're expected to survive. the shooting put schools in the area on lockdown for a short time today. it is not known if deputies are still searching for a gunman. >> police need your help solving this traffic crash mystery here. they say this video shows a black ford explorer running through a red light, slamming through a pickup truck at john young parkway and vine street in kissimmee two days ago. police say what happens next, though, is very odd. they say the driver of the explorer gets out of his car, starts trying to open the truck driver's side door. you can see him pulling on it. he then runs to the other side. tries the passenger door with
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eventually the driver of the suv just runs off. police say they did find alcohol in that explorer. hurt. we're told they're okay. there's also another man seen in the video. police say they would like to speak with him as well. if you know who either man is, call crimestoppers at 1-800-423-tips. >> more than 300 florida veterans were awarded medals today, recognizing their sacrifices for freedom. one by one governor rick scott handed each veteran the veterans service award. for some, the ceremony itself was almost more important than the award. >> it's a special brotherhood that you have to be in it to win it. >> as a desert storm vet, we've got all the parades and things the vietnam vets deserve. whenever i'm around a vietnam vet, i'm always humbled by that. >> the ceremony took place at
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>> well, if you love to star gaze, we've got great news for you. you'll need to wake up early. >> early morning sky watchers will get a special treat starting tomorrow. how many planets will be visible all at once and how long you have to catch this space show. >> and a drug lord's home knocked down today in florida. what the current homeowners found in the home once owned by
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>> the home once owned by one of the most infamous drug lords of all time is demolished. >> pablo escobar's pink mansion was knocked down today to make room for the current owner's new home. the d.e.a. seized the pink house in 1987 and in 2014, a couple
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the current homeowners say he is glad to see it go. >> a lot of people ask me, why don't you keep the house and make it into a museum and all this? i don't think we want to celebrate the criminals. we should have anything that celebrates criminals disappear. >> treasure hunters from the orlando area were hired by the owner to search the property. apparently they found a few things, including a possible bag of cocaine. also construction workers found a safe hidden under the marble floor. escobar is believed to have supplied the u.s. with 80% of the coe caine smuggled into the country. he was killed in a shoot-out with police in colombia in 1983. >> starting tomorrow, anyone looking up at the stars will see five planets together in one sky. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise.
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in more than 10 years all five of them have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky. if you miss it tomorrow, don't worry. the show will last through february 20th. so you just have to get up at some point before february 20th. >> tomorrow morning is going to be so cold, but one of these days. >> if you look at it, i'll look at it on your facebook time book feed. >> coming up tonight at 7:00, a mobile home fire overnight should remind all of us to take precautions when turning up the heat. the information to get results and help keep your family safe. >> without news 6, we would not be back on our feet. >> her animal shelter caring for 70 dogs and cats suddenly had its non-profit status stripped away. a heartwarming update on how our generous viewers stepped forward to help, at 7:00. >> thank you.
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sorrells, one thing that's happening recently, we've been having gorgeous sunsets. >> it's all been great with the cool, crisp air you can see a long way. look at the storm pins sent in to us this morning. sunrise in clermont. beautiful. what about this one? lexi is in new smyrna beach and said the beach is empty. >> i wonder why. >> storm pins are available in your app store for absolutely free. download it right now and ship me some photos. i'd love to see what you're seeing in central florida. a freeze warning is going now until 8:00 tomorrow morning, between 11 p.m. tonight and 8:00 tomorrow morning. big freeze warning for a large part of the viewing area. anyone in blue there, flagler, all of lake and marion and sumpter counties. seminole, orange and osceola are not plagued by it. everyone else will be way big cold tonight. not that the other areas won't freezing.
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here's the way things stack up on the satellite imagery. big colder air has settled in. snow showers from memphis to the great lakes. look how clear we are, from just outside of miami through orlando, jacksonville, clear as a bell. on the overnight lows tonight, things are going to get really, really low. temperature readings right now, 53 in gainesville. 55 from ocala, the villages, leesburg, we're at 56 degrees for the daytime high in orlando. 52 in daytona beach. and 54 in cocoa beach. those are the highs. here's where we are now. down to 48 already in ocala. 48 in gainesville. 49 does it in the city beautiful. wind speed, that's going to be part of the equation. it's not going to stay really blustery for most of us tonight. down. but the wind keeps coming from the north to the northwest. right now in the villages, a 3-mile-an-hour wind. not too shabby. it's from the northwest. ocala, 6 miles per hour winds. not super speedy, but it's ushering in the cold air from the north. at news time.
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here's tomorrow morning about 9 or 10:00. we're still clear. lots of sunshine and gradually warming. tomorrow is a turnaround day. you have to get past freezing in spots tonight. by thursday, a lot more cloud cover. we modify the air mass and we get warmer. lows tonight officially in ocala, at least 29. 35 in leesburg. 37 in sanford. my forecast overnight low tonight in orlando is 38. here's tomorrow. >> we are going to rebound nicely. dry air heats really quickly. by 8 a.m., 41. by noon, 59. the daytime high tomorrow, 64. and we slide to 73 by thursday and friday. by friday, though, we get rain in here. scattered showers not big rocking thunderstorms, but maybe a rumble or two. and then windy on saturday. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you very much. ping, what's happening tonight? >> i never thought i would say this.
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with an nfl player. we played the central florida q&a craze ping-pong with brian urlacher last night.
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>> don't hit the panic button yet. they should beat the 6ers. >> they're going to kill them. >> they lost seven of their last eight games. the most recent one came yesterday against the hawks. the magic nation is going to get a little antsy. keep in mind, the team's recent schedule has not been friendly. it's like someone ticked off the nba schedule makers when they played one game in london, six games in 10 nights.
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>> i'm going to pick seattle and kansas city. i'm not sure. how about denver and seattle and seattle wins. >> seattle is out, brian. >> see, people always ask me, nfl players know much more than i do. they don't know anything else and they play.
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>> this is what we've got for you. it's an afc championship weekend.
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